About TNT Nutrition

The TNT Difference: We are your personal go-to nutritionist, counselor, mentor, and motivator and top provider of realistic, personlized weight loss coaching programs.


We believe that human-to-human help cannot – and should not – be replaced by automated technology. Instead, we are leveraging new technologies to adapt weight loss and nutrition coaching into the lifestyle and expectations of today’s consumers. Our clients receive professional coaching using their computer, tablet or phone – anytime they need and anywhere they are.

The majority of our clients are men and women whom are eager to lose weight, escape the dieting culture of today, and develop healthy eating habits that feel effortless. We also serve many talented athletes who compete in bodybuilding and Crossfit competitions and endurance athletes that run marathons, compete in cycle century rides, Ragnar trail races, and Tough Mudders. TNT Nutrition is proud to provide unprecedented, efficient, and personalized online weight loss coaching to so many clients across the United States and abroad whom have turned to us for help.


Our coaches are shape shifters, we coach everyone independently and learn through time what style of coaching, resources, and approach to your eating will be best for you. We are very proud to have these gifts to transform people’s lives. Everyone’s bodies, needs, personalities, and habits are all different, and therefore every step in the process of achieving one’s goals needs to be tailored to the individual. We help clients not just on the mechanical front of nutrition, but also the psychological front, improving one’s relationship with food to create supportive, sustainable eating habits. Only then can you achieve physical weight loss for the long haul.

Culture and Philosophy

Substantive nutrition coaching is a missing component in the health, fitness, strength, and rehab fields. Without effective nutrition coaching, clients are less likely to achieve their goals. Clients get frustrated and quit, and their health stagnates or gets worse. Our mission is to serve you with an incredible coaching experience and ease the process of losing weight by providing you tools, coaching, clarity, and resources on many levels-all while keeping it positive and fun! We want to be involved, we want you to learn, and we want you to be successful just as bad as you do and will provide you all that you will need to achieve this. Your journey to bettering your health and reaching your goals should be fun and enjoyable! In doing so we make many friendships along the way with our clients. We like to laugh and have a good time while working closely together in the process. Get to know more about the personalities behind TNT Nutrition by reading our coaches bio pages.

Who We are NOT

We are not another Weight Watchers, Whole 30, South Beach, Juice Cleanse, Atkins, Ideal Protein, another trainer that had personal success that assumes personal experience is enough to put other peoples’ well-being in their hands, or any other relative diet program. We are not out to work with everyone and anyone to make a few bucks. We serve our clients at the highest level, put our own reputations on the line, and wear our coaching badge with pride, integrity, and respect.

We are like a business coach who leads the process to take a business from where it is now to where the business owner wants it to be except we are in the field of nutrition. Long-term weight loss must be approached using a bigger lens, not just a lens that focuses on calories. It’s critical to be monitored by a professional with not just experience, but the proper training and education to go along with it. Unfortunately there are too many one-size-fits-all approaches out there today, you need a professional to help you find what will work for YOU and YOUR needs. We ONLY hire the best of the best. Average coaching is UNACCEPTABLE as our mission is to serve our clients at the highest level.



TNT Nutrition conducted multiple interviews with Kevin Harrington’s team (<–the original Shark Tank guy) about TNT Nutrition being featured in 2017 media campaign with Kevin. The focus would be on their upcoming new consumer services campaign, and TNT Nutrition would be one of the first to participate representing the health and nutrition industry. TNT Nutrition respectfully declined the opportunity, but still feel honored to be sought out by Kevin’s team and re-confirm the uniqueness of TNT Nutrition’s platform and the special opportunities it provides to help change people’s lives!


TNT Nutrition was voted  #12 out of Top 50 Readers’ Choice Best Online Weight Loss Programs in the United States by Dave Smith, one of the top fitness professionals in Canada. TNT Nutrition did not submit information to be part of this project, we simply were voted 12th and feel honored to be at the top with many celebrity trainers on this list as well such as Jillian Michaels and Chris Powell.

day-twoTNT Nutrition is the exclusive dietary partner for DayTwo, an international leader in gut microbiome testing and the cutting edge science of the DayTwo Microbiome Platform™. TNT Nutrition has a trained DayTwo Department of Dietitians that conduct consultations and services in support of the DayTwo Microbiome Platform Product. The product is based on a seven year research conducted by Prof. Eran Segal and Dr. Eran Elinav from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel; the research was funded solely by the Weizmann Insitute of Science and upon its completion, the research technology was licensed to DayTwo. The research results were published in the journal Cell and the Research Video can be found here.

And Many More to Come…just getting warmed up!



The TNT Difference: We are your nutritionist, counselor, mentor, motivator, and top provider of realistic, personalized weight loss coaching solutions.