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“Top 10 Weight Loss Tips”

Weight Loss Tips


10 tips we’re confident you can put into action immediately, based on over 15 years of weight loss coaching expertise! >> Read More



“Overcoming Emotional Eating”

emotional eating

Understand more about emotional eating and the benefits of incorporating a daily mindful eating practice. >> Read More




“Creating Healthy Habits with MyPlate”

healthy eating habits


MyPlate, the new “MyPyramid”, is reviewed to help you recognize which foods group to include with your healthy eating habits! >>READ MORE



“Fears of Committing to a Weight Loss Transformation”

weight loss transformationAre you in your own way? Read about top fears reported by our very own clients and our solutions to overcoming them >>Read More 



“Long-Term Weight Loss Starter Kit: Expert Coaching & Tools for Those Ready to Change “

Author and TNT Nutrition owner, coach Shelby McDaniel’s published e-book! Saturated with realistic coaching tips and advice after 12 years of coaching to help YOU start your path to long-term weight loss successfully! >>More Info





“Weight Loss Programs Compared: Which Program is Best for You?”

Weight loss Programs

Confused which route to take to lose weight? We’ll help compare various programs to help narrow down which program may best suit your needs. >> Read More



“Mindful Eating: Renew your Relationship With Food, Free Yourself From Diets Forever!”

Mindful Eating


What is mindful eating? Learn how it can help repair your relationship with food and live the vibrant life you crave! >> Read More




TNT Nutrition YouTube Channel

tnt nutrition channel


Cooking tutorials, motivational clips, and educational videos >> View Our Channel


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