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FEATURED: Eating After Fitness Competitions: 7 Tips to Healing Your Relationship with Food

Eating After Fitness Competitions: 7 Tips to Healing Your Relationship with Food

eating after fitness competitions

This blog is directed for those of you who have competed in fitness & bodybuilding competitions. It doesn’t matter whether it was one show or 5 years of shows. The fact remains is that there is a conversation NOT taking place about eating after fitness competitions and how hard it is to transition back into […]


Your Guide to Surviving the Holiday Weight Gain

TNT Nutrition

Thank you for taking time out of your busy (hopefully not stressful) holiday schedule to read this post! It may do you some good! The holidays are for celebrating, spending time with friends and family, traditions and gratefulness. Unfortunately, it’s also usually a time for overeating and unwanted weight-gain. We’re here to help! Here are […]


What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Nutrition Mojo

We’ve all been in a rut at some point with our nutrition mojo. Nothing that you are eating or doing with your eating is exciting, pretty much feels “blah”. Prepping your meals feels “blah”. Blah blah blah! It’s really healthy that you have recognized this “blah”-so good job here! Some do not and continue unknowingly […]


Bobby Collins -65lbs and Still Going Strong

Bobby is a Marine veteran who had a heavy history with bingeing and overeating for as long as he could remember outside of the Marines. Food was not fuel. Food was celebratory, emotional relief, an event all on its own. Portions were 3-4x the amount that his body really needed. Following a restrictive meal plan […]


Shelby’s Personal 7 Day Dinner Menu

7 Day Dinner Menu

I get asked all the time by my clients, “Shelby, what do YOU eat?”, so I thought I would share with you my 7 Day Dinner Menu! And no, I didn’t make everything look all perfect and beautiful and out of the ordinary because I was taking pictures for this blog. These are just real dinners in […]


Client Video Testimonial: Meet Shana

Shana Sabourin participated in our coaching services that would change her ways of eating and thinking about food completely. Shana was not severely overweight, nor did she have any signs nearing an eating disorder. She was just like 99% of you out there reading this. She knew what she “should” be eating, but there was just […]


Weight Loss Secrets: The Power of your Thoughts

Weight loss secrets people think will work for them, really aren’t the big secret, the key to unlocking it all. Like, how to have a lighter version of your favorite cake when you have cravings. That’s not the big secret. It’s a tip, but not the big secret that will give you the healthy lifestyle […]


How to Stick with New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

We all know that New Year’s Resolutions usually never work for many people. The fact is, a calendar date change is not a significant enough purpose to elicit real change in one’s life. It’s good for a little external motivation if you’re lagging and need a kick in the pants, but a real lifestyle change […]


Shelby McDaniel Podcast Interview: Guest Speaker on Make Your Body Work

How often do you eat because you’re hungry? If you’re like most people, it happens rarely. Instead, we eat when we’re bored, or we eat when it’s “time” to eat. We eat out of social obligation because everyone else is eating. We eat when we’re sad, or stressed out. There are so many triggers that […]


Reasons to Not use the Word Cheat Meal

cheat meal

Cheat Meals We’ve All Done It… It’s Saturday! The time has come to have a cheat meal. You’ve been thinking about it all week, or perhaps the unexpected occurred and the opportunity to eat something “off your diet” appears before you that you were hoping you could avoid. Regardless, you eat it and consider the […]


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