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FEATURED: 5 False Beliefs About Healing Negative Body Image

5 False Beliefs About Healing Negative Body Image

body image

Do you struggle with body image and accepting the body you see in the mirror? Are you tired of constantly thinking about your body and comparing yourself to others?Does looking at photos of yourself send you into a negative downward spiral? So many of my clients struggle with their body image too. They spend so. […]


Eating After Fitness Competitions: 7 Tips to Healing Your Relationship with Food

eating after fitness competitions

This blog is directed for those of you who have competed in fitness & bodybuilding competitions. It doesn’t matter whether it was one show or 5 years of shows. The fact remains is that there is a conversation NOT taking place about eating after fitness competitions and how hard it is to transition back into […]


Emotional Eater to Warrior Woman Within: Diary Entry 1

emotional eater

I’m very excited to share with you a personal diary entry of one of our clients, Jennifer Hickey. Jennifer came to TNT Nutrition back in May 2016 with initial goals to learn what to eat to maintain weight while running and eating foods she enjoys. She wanted to lose 5-7 lbs, and felt that it […]


Eating What You Love is Like Saying “I Love You” By Rebecca Scritchfield, Body Kindness

body kindness

Today I wanted to bring to you a guest blog article that really hits home for a lot of our clients when it comes to body image, shame, and simply taking care of YOU. Rebecca Scritchfield is author of the book, Body Kindness. She wrote a beautiful blog article for our friends at AmIHungry.com-a nationally certified […]


Shelby McDaniel Podcast Interview: Guest Speaker on Make Your Body Work

How often do you eat because you’re hungry? If you’re like most people, it happens rarely. Instead, we eat when we’re bored, or we eat when it’s “time” to eat. We eat out of social obligation because everyone else is eating. We eat when we’re sad, or stressed out. There are so many triggers that […]


What Do I Eat? Three Questions to Ask Yourself

what do I eat

By Michelle May, M.D. What Do I Eat? We are bombarded with conflicting messages about what to eat—often side by side on the same magazine cover. These confusing messages create internal conflict when what you want to eat must face off with what you should eat according to the latest expert. Ironically, the definition of “good” […]


Reasons to Not use the Word Cheat Meal

cheat meal

Cheat Meals We’ve All Done It… It’s Saturday! The time has come to have a cheat meal. You’ve been thinking about it all week, or perhaps the unexpected occurred and the opportunity to eat something “off your diet” appears before you that you were hoping you could avoid. Regardless, you eat it and consider the […]


Nutrition Counseling Using Mindful Eating: Laurie’s Success Story

nutrition counseling

At TNT Nutrition we provide meal plans, nutrition counseling, and coaching. How we deliver each of these to our clients is tailored to the individual. Meet Laurie. Laurie participated in our 12-week Advanced program. Her program was designed specifically to incorporate our mindful eating workshop content but in a one-on-on setting. This ultimately would expose her decision making processes […]


Why You Can’t Lose Weight on a Diet: The problem isn’t willpower. It’s neuroscience. You can’t — and shouldn’t — fight back.

can't lose weight

  “Why You Can’t Lose Weight on a Diet” was written by Sandra Aamodt, a neuroscientist, and the author of “Why Diets Make Us Fat: The Unintended Consequences of Our Obsession With Weight Loss.” The article was originally published in the NY Times May 06 2014 and re-published in the NY times May 06 2016 on page […]


5 Steps to Create Mindful Eating Habits

Mindful eating habits

Have you ever finished a candy bar and wished you had just one more bite? Are you surprised when your hand hits the bottom of the popcorn bucket at the movies? Do you ever feel completely stuffed and miserable after you eat?These are all symptoms of unconscious or mindless eating. When we think about what healthy eating habits we would like […]


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