FEATURED: Changing One Life at a Time: Diet Freedom Testimonials

Changing One Life at a Time: Diet Freedom Testimonials

eating after fitness competition

I know it’s been a while since I blogged, I have been so busy helping clients in my life changing program called Diet Freedom where I have been pouring my heart, soul, (and time) into my clients. In Diet Freedom I help men and women who struggle with binge eating, emotional eating, or food obsessions find normalcy with their eating. These […]


Shelby’s Story of Emotional Eating and How I Beat It

Shelby McDaniel

I want to be transparent about my story and experience with emotional eating with you, and be real about what people are really struggling with today. First, emotional eating doesn’t mean you have an eating disorder. Emotional eating is a form of “disordered” eating. Every day I constantly consult with others, just like you, to […]


7 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving (<--If you're worried, read this!)


We are always so worried about “surviving” the holidays. Therein lies our first mistake! We are approaching Thanksgiving Day, or the holiday season, from a perspective of fear, doubt, and reaction. Instead of giving you a guide to surviving Thanksgiving week, TNT Nutrition wants to help you conquer your holiday food fears! Holidays should be […]


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