Eating After Fitness Competitions: 7 Tips to Healing Your Relationship with Food

eating after fitness competitions

This blog is directed for those of you who have competed in fitness & bodybuilding competitions. It doesn’t matter whether it was one show or 5 years of shows. The fact remains is that there is a conversation NOT taking place about eating after fitness competitions and how hard it is to transition back into simply eating healthy and exercising for the joy of it again. And let’s not to forget mentioning all the negative body image issues that can arise too, right? I’m 35 years old and my last show was 10 years ago as an IFBB Figure Pro (back when they still did the 2 piece rounds –> haha I’m old) and you better believe that I still strike a quarter turn pose on occasion in the mirror to simply judge how my body has changed….

The sport has so many amazing positive reasons to get involved:

  • To challenge and push oneself to the ultimate limit
  • To provide a sport and competitive arena for athletes post college
  • To condition the body to its best physique and conditioning year after year
  • To take our love for health & fitness to another level
  • And the list goes on….

Many of us find interest in the competing that stemmed from the joy of eating healthy and exercising. You meet a competitor in the gym, you read about it on or similar forums, it seems to be everywhere these days. This sport is TOUGH in many ways. It will challenge you and it can absolutely change you, it can change relationships you are involved in-hopefully for the better, however I’ve seen a lot of break-ups and divorces throughout the years amongst competitors.

But there are many, MANY competitors that come out of competing struggling to find their way back to simply loving healthy eating and exercising again without bingeing, anxiety about eating anything less that what was acceptable as an in season or off season competitor, or working out any differently that what was expected of you as a competitor. It’s hard to also accept our body when they are not in peak condition as they once were, causing us to feel “fat” which only fuels the cycle to want to be “good” with one’s eating. The transition to finding “normal eating” again after one concludes competing or who is taking a temporary pause from competing is really really tough. My friend and TNT colleague Tracy Sisson (also former competitor) have a saying that “if you go into competing for the first time without an eating disorder, you are likely to come out with one”. Sad but those of you who are reading this know that it is a bad problem.

2006 IFBB Pro Shelby McDaniel

2006 IFBB Pro Shelby McDaniel

Trust me, I went through this myself. This was where shit really hit the fan for me with food and body image and working out was when the shows were over. You’re so use to being so on point, like you’re training for the Olympics for 16 weeks, sacrificing everything to look your best come stage day that when you aren’t competing for a while or any longer, it’s hard to all of a sudden find that happy place with food. It’s hard to stay disciplined, which is crazy because you KNOW you are disciplined with food-you proved it when you went to the movie theatre and ate your 4 egg whites and asparagus half way through the movie. You become accustomed to only be allowed a few staple foods on your diet: oatmeal, chicken, fish, sweet potato, asparagus, steak, eggs, rice.

So after a show, if you’re like me, you never want to look at chicken ever again (or tuna!). But you still do because it’s protein, it will keep you from getting fat, or because you simply don’t know an alternative way. When I stopped competing, I still kept trying to keep up with my workouts I did when I competed. I felt lazy or weak if I did anything less. But the more I tried to keep up with the bland, rigid foods commonly found on competition plans and my competition training plan, the more unhappy I seemed to become. The less fulfilled I felt on a daily basis with my health and personal self worth. The more cheating and overeating that took place. And as I kept cheating and bingeing, that totally didn’t help my body image, and the cycle continued to refuel itself.

First off, finding balance and stability with food and exercise is not just happening inside the industry, it’s happening outside the industry too. I am so passionate to help people renew their relationship with food on a day to day basis in my Diet Freedom program, changing people’s mindset about diet and food and helping people escape a lifetime of struggling with food and weight. My passion lies here. My competitive drive is now put into this area of my life versus the stage life. And it all stemmed from my experiences as a competitor. But now it’s time to really time and important to start a conversation within the competitor community.

Why is healthy, stable eating after fitness competitions such a difficult task? Well, it’s a sport of rule following when it comes to food and working out. Coaches continuously are giving rigid meal plans and setting additional “cheat meal” rules or other daily intake rules they must follow. You’re constantly on a diet, in season or off season. Prepping your meals every night, lugging your 6 pack bags where ever you go, whether you’re flying domestic or abroad. I’ve seen some CRAZY eating and training regimens that basically starve competitors and over train them which completely crushes competitors mentally AND physically post show. I mean no wonder why it gets harder and harder to stay on your diet after you’ve been through the ultimate ringer!

Unfortunately over time, the reason behind WHY you eat is because someone else told you to do it, or because it’s what will help you win. You become a COMPLETE rule follower, macro counting expert, protein and carb intake follower because without these strict rules, you don’t trust yourself to not shove your face with Cold Stone ice cream or a jar of peanut butter. So over time, you stop listening to your body, your own needs and wants regarding food, and you don’t give yourself permission to add variety, moderation, or even think twice about what to eat outside of what you feel you “should” be eating as a competitor.

Once you lose that disconnect between you and your body and you keep going on meal plan after meal plan, food logging after food logging, things get dark. You become dependent. Unconsciously you don’t even realize how restrictive you are being. This restriction is what spirals many competitors to binge for large meal, sometimes it’s a whole day. And once that happens, you go back to the rigid “clean eating” diet, something not too far from a competitor diet. You return to your hard core competition training plans too perhaps.

But the spiral keeps happening with eating “clean”, and then overeating, cheating, and bingeing. Again. And again. And again. You label competitor friendly foods as “good” and you see other non-competition diet foods like fruit, bread, and pretty much everything else as “off the diet” or something you “shouldn’t” be having. Food is no longer just food that you intake to fuel your body which was perhaps it was at one time prior entering the competitive world. Your food becomes a passive check in the box for the day. You do it to regain that sense of “control” or  because you know it’s “good for you” and you “should” be eating it, or because it meets a goal of 40% macro intake your trainer set for you.

There’s no longer a deeper level of satisfaction you get from eating nutritious food. Food becomes passive, and just an empty non-fulfilling activity. So when the cookies, the “free meal” come along which actually DO interest you, and actually DO taste good, it’s like Yippee-ki-yay and you go to town and wake up with regret the next day, only to start with a rigid breakfast you “should” be eating.

I’ve worked with many competitors to help them find their way back to joy of healthy eating and working out, even if that means discovering that in the end, competing is just not the healthiest activity for them. Never is that my mission is to steer one from competing again, but it does happen. I personally could never enter the competitor world again because my food and my mental state becomes an absolute freaking train wreck and it’s not worth it to me. If you are struggling to find you way back to healthy eating and love for the gym again, here are 7 tips to help support your way back to healthy eating after fitness competitions:

eating after competitionEating After Fitness Competitions #1: Stay Off of Social Media

You cannot deny what triggers you wants to continue to fuel the restrictive-overeating cycle. Competitor selfies and conversations about competitor meal prep, macro counting, the latest and greatest supplement or workout to get shredded serve as distractions when you’re trying to find your way back. We all have phones, so keep an inner circle of those who you may need for support close by and communicate by phone or text only until you feel comfortable returning to social media. You could also simply block or unfollow special people or groups. I had one of my competitors unfollow Figure Olympian Nicole Wilkins due to the messaging that was being sent to her in this group. Do what you need to do.

eating after fitness competitionEating After Fitness Competitions #2: Stop Food Logging for 2 Weeks

The only way to learn how to trust yourself again is to practice without depending on a person or application. You were born with innate abilities to know when you’re  hungry and when your body no longer needs food, we call this intuitive eating. It just needs a little dusting off.

Your goal with this recommendation is to NOT aim to hit daily intake goals such as carbohydrates, protein, macros. Instead, your goal with this exercise is to simply start listening to your body again, trying to fuel it when it’s hungry, to listen to what foods you may actually WANT to eat, nutrient dense or not. You’re going to consume some things you maybe wouldn’t while following a strict regimen so don’t panic, it doesn’t mean you are going to go off the deep end. When you’re not being told what NOT to eat and instead, you’re in charge and it’s up to you to CHOOSE what you feel is best for you, it’s usually a different outcome.

eating after fitness competitionEating After Fitness Competitions #3: Read Up on Mindful Eating

Get introduced to mindful eating. There are great books out there to help you get introduced to mindful eating. A book is a great start, it may not resolve all the issues but it’s a great step! I’m also here as a resource, I do intensive consulting so know that you’re not alone, there is a way out, and it’s not through following another one of your coach’s meal plans.

eating after fitness competitionEating After Fitness Competitions #4: Exercise Your Way

Take a week and drop all that you know about how to build your front delts that need to pop more for your next show. What do you WANT to do? Whether it’s something that competitors do or don’t do doesn’t matter. What do you want to take a break from? If you want to just go for walks outside for a week because that’s what you feel like doing, do it. If you want to take a group X class you haven’t taken in a few months or years, do it! If you want to do a full body workout, your way, for the time and duration of your choosing, DO IT.

I remember when I got to this point where I realized how unhappy I was in the gym doing my typical split training, I was in between sets for leg extensions. I had tears in my eyes. I texted my husband Adam “I just can’t be here anymore” and he replied with “then leave”. So I did. And that was the day I made a promise to myself that I am only going to move my body MY way.

I had to swallow the possibility my IFBB Pro Figure look my not be as sharp, ever again. I had to find my joy again with exercise again, I mean this was really fussing with  my personal happiness! I started walking with my dogs, I did yoga in my living room, nothing structured really, I just gave myself the space to decide what I felt like doing that day. As I evolved to find happiness with movement again, today’s working out looks pretty different. I walk, I jog, I lift twice a week, but I do it for me.  I go in the gym and sometimes I have more aggression than other days. Some days I’m just glad I made it and do what I feel like doing. I exercise now for my own reasons, it’s now my time and space.

eating after fitness competitionEating After Fitness Competitions #5: Watch Your Food Labeling Verbatim

Unconsciously you may not be aware of how your talk or refer to food. Restrictive undertones such as good, bad, clean, should, shouldn’t actually fuel your restrictive eating cycle. Also, watch for phrases such as ‘that will make me fat’ or ‘that’s against my macro goals’. Let it go. Right now, all foods fit when it comes to eating after fitness competitions. Really embrace that and drop the judgement. You’ll find your way back, it won’t be overnight, but you HAVE to let go of what is “good” and what is “bad” when it comes to food right now.

You may also find others you’ve been hanging around with (including your coach or trainer) may unintentionally fuel the food labeling war. Be kind and respectful if you  need to have a conversation. He or she probably has a clue that their words are having a negative reaction within you, so help them help you better by having a discussion. The point here is, you need more positive talk that supports the notion that “all foods fit” into your life and less negative food labeling, so stay alert.

eating after fitness competitionEating After Fitness Competitions #6: Only Positive Body Image Talk

You feel what you think. If you look in the mirror every morning and think “ugh, look at that gut…” do you think you’re going to feel confident and empowered for the day? Do you think that helps you accept and respect your body? It’s like telling yourself you’re a bad person, over and over, to the point where you actually start believing it. So stop it. Only permit positive self talk after looking in the mirror. What are you thankful for? Also, make a commitment to lessen the amount of times you stop to look in the mirror during the day, as hard as that may be.

eating after fitness competitionEating After Fitness Competitions #7: Explore Other Unmet Needs

Competing involves a lot of sacrifice. To the point where we stop listening to other needs and wants because we have ultimate tunnel vision about competing, winning, food, and our physique. These unmet needs are big time triggers for why you may be overeating and/or bingeing. Have you missed out on precious family time? Do you need to pick up date night again between you and the hubby? Hang out with friends more? Get involved in other activities? Church groups? Don’t lose who YOU are. You are not ONLY a competitor. You are you’re own person, with your own kinds of interests and needs.

This was a BIG problem for me. I threw myself into competing 100%. I was so focused on getting to the top in my early twenties that I didn’t even pay attention to anything else. And I made it, a very young IFBB pro, but it came at a great cost. I completely lost who I was. That, combined with a divorce, lead my ass to therapy years later, which is where I feel my life finally began again.

I truly hopes this helps open a conversation and helps bring peace to eating after fitness competitions. Share it with those who you know may be struggling with their eating after fitness competitions, whether they have voiced it or not. Private message me on Facebook, do you feel this is a silent conversation we need to create a movement towards fixing? Do you see this as a big problem in the industry too? We support each other in so many ways in this sport, this area is past due its need for support, let’s step up and start a conversation.


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    My experience with TNT was wonderful! I am still using the same game plan you started me on a few months ago, it gave me a lot of flexibility and taught me how to plan my day.. To date, I am down from 166 to 152 — a great accomplishment for me. I look great in my […]

  • Jayme F: Performance and Positivity

    I wanted to thank you! Your help and advice have stuck with me. I used to view myself in such a negative way, even while you were helping me. It wasn’t until a few weeks after my nutrition program that I finally saw the light. I was so restrictive and hard on myself to look […]

  • Awesomesauce!

    Shelby !   I just wanted to take the time out to say thank you again. Coming into this I was expecting, but not knowing what I would get. “TNT” has changed my whole outlook on nutrition and just life period. Dealing/Coping with depression and anxiety, you took the time out to help me understand what […]

  • Chris Fitzner | MMA Athlete

    Working with Shelby was awesome! She fulfilled her role wonderfully as my coach, she listened to my goals and really gave me a solid plan to reach them. I also enjoyed the fact that I was allowed multiple meal plans (While reaching the same goals) as to switch things up if they it got a […]

  • Forever Grateful! Kristen B

    My journey with TNT Nutrition started with my TNT Fitness program (a partner of TNT Nutrition), which I joined in order to get in shape for my wedding. I had been working with the program for about a week before I realized that in order to make the most of my fitness routine, I needed to […]

  • Clinton Beach, PNBA Pro Masters Bodybuilder Champion

    Clinton Beach is an astounding athlete! He puts his body to the test every year, competing in a minimum of 3 shows. In 2016 he won 1st place and obtained then title of PNBA Pro Masters Bodybuilder Champion. In October 2016 he went on to compete in the Natural Olympia in Las Vegas, Nevada where he placed 10th […]

  • Michelle Koleas-Triathlete

    TNT Nutrition is an endurance athlete’s partner in performance; training doesn’t work without proper nutrition. Shelby is a pro in keeping my body fueled during grueling training sessions and carb loadingbefore a race. A well fueled muscle is a high performing muscle. She understands that I have enough on my plate with family, work, and […]

  • Aissata Cisse | Fitness Inspiration

    What can we say about Aissata Cisse? She is super mom! She made the decision to change her lifestyle and never looked back. Aissata has truly has made a complete body transformation. Aissata is a proud mom of two. What started as a journey to change her lifestyle has turned into a love to compete in […]

  • Natalie Bun

    Natalie Bun is a model and IFPA Pro Bikini competitor. In 2015 she made her debut on the Natural Olympia stage in Las Vegas where she place an astounding 6th place out of 35 competitors from across the world! Natalie is widely followed not only because of her accomplishments but also due to her positive personality […]

  • Dwayne Punter | IFBB Pro, Veteran

    Dwayne Punter joined TNT Nutrition in July 2014 and achieved his IFBB Pro card in July 2015 at the Master’s National Championships in Pittsburgh, PA. “Shelby-Thank you for a successful season! Dreams do come true! #willitanditwill ”     Please follow and like us:

  • EVERYTHING Has Changed!

    I REALLY appreciate everything you’ve done for me!  All the info and things you’ve taught me – they’ll last a lifetime!  My thoughts and habits regarding nutrition,  my love for the gym and lifting weights,  EVERYTHING has changed since working with you.  I am so grateful 🙂 Thank you so much Shelby!! Leigh Please follow […]

  • TNT Nutrition Competitor Gallery

    TNT Nutrition currently has 2 IFBB Men’s Physique Pro’s, 1 PNBA Bodybuilding Pro, 1 INBF Figure Pro, and 1 NGA Bikini Pro in the competition circuit, amongst many other amateur competitors that are out to achieve lifelong goals or achieve pro status! Please follow and like us:

  • Jannike J | -25lbs

    Thank you so much for a great program! After close to 8 months in the program one way or other, I feel confident that I can continue my new and improved habits on my own. After having three children in four years, I had added more stubborn pounds than I was willing to admit. I […]

  • Sarah K | A New Me

    I’d been the extremely fit high school and college athlete; at my fittest, I was 14 percent body fat. I took my fitness for granted. I ate what I wanted and although I took a college class on nutrition, nothing sunk in. Over the years I fought the slow mid-life creep. I convinced myself that […]

  • TNT Nutrition Teen Success!

    A little over a year ago, my son Adam was working out like a madman and obsessing about “eating right” — but he was 15 years old and downright scrawny. Both my wife and I were pretty worried that he really wasn’t eating right, and even though he had read every scrap of nutrition advice […]

  • Mike Cogan

    Shelby is great. She helped me conquer 30+ years of poor nutrition habits (my whole life up until that point). She got me to understand that eating less makes you smaller; I had to eat differently to improve my body’s composition. She was a major contributor to my gaining about 10 pounds of muscle and […]

  • Nic Dennard | IFBB Pro, Coach, Veteran

    I don’t know where to start. I decided I wanted to compete in the NPC after years of weight training. Thankfully, I found Shelby. With her guidance, I’ve been very successful and earned my IFBB Pro status inthe summer of 2014. Since I’ve been with her, I’ve seen other competitors go from being out of […]

  • Elisabeth |100lb Weight Loss

    Do we need say more? Elisabeth came to TNT Nutrition with the mindset of a champion. She lost over 100lbs!!!!! Not only did she learn sustainable healthy eating habits, she went the distance and pushed herself to compete in her first women’s bodybuilding show! We couldn’t be more proud of Elisabeth!! Please follow and like […]

  • Lesslie K

    I definitely do not rely on the scale like I used to because those are soul crushing lol especially when the hard work is paid off through inches instead of pounds.  I’ve learned to balance my healthy foods and junk foods.  90% healthy and 10% junk, but now I’m getting to a point where I […]

  • Barbara | New Lifestyle

    I think I’m a pretty normal person- a busy job, kids, household chores, and there’s always the commute. A year after having a baby I was still a size 16. My personal trainer Brock, suggested giving TNT Nutrition a try noting that 80 percent of weight loss is diet. After another six months and a […]

  • Kadie B | A New Me!

    I know the pictures couldn’t be more different – the before pic of me at the beach and the after of me going to a formal event this weekend.  I don’t even have a spanks or girdle or anything on under that dress – what????? Anyways I think the pictures actually do a good job […]

  • Paula J | Wedding Dress Success!

    I had the idea of wanting to have a picture in my wedding dress for our 25th anniversary but I was not feeling my best and the size 2 dress really did not fit. Thanks to your program I was able to lose 11 lbs and wear my dress for our 29th instead. My husband […]

  • The Amazing Jane loses 25lbs

    We’re always thrilled to share success stories from our online weight loss program! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jane through our Lifestyle Intervention program. She was always determined to reach her goals, and really took to heart the coaching and advice I provided her, I knew she was bound to be super successful! Jane was enrolled with us […]

  • Mimi |120 Pound Weight Loss

    “My weight has been a struggle for me since the age of 18 years old. My troubles began when I started going to food for comfort because it “helped me feel better” or so I thought at the time. In actuality, in that moment it did help me feel better but soon after I felt […]

  • Eric F

    In Nov 2010 I was introduced to Shelby and that is when she gave me the tools to success, my own personal nutrition plan. Initially I was 226lbs and 11% BF. In our initial, Shelby asked me what was my goal? I had a picture of one the former Weight Loss contest winners and said this is […]

  • Gina W

    Shelby worked with me in the couple months prior to my big A race of 2011: Ironman Arizona. She not only reconfigured my nutritional needs to get some undesired body weight and fat down but also helped me ‘carbo load’ prior to the event as well as work with me on my nutritional needs for during the […]

  • Leslie S

    Who woulda thought??? Really after an entire life (42 years) of having what I thought was my body, I never realized I could have this new one. I never realized my true potential. My average “heavy” weight even while working out was 135-145 lbs.My heaviest steady weight was 150 lbs. plus. After 4 months with […]

  • John H | Competitor, USMC

    Shelby McDaniel…WOW!!! What can I say! It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with her. I have been competitively competing in bodybuilding for 3 years now. My first year I worked with someone else and I did really well, however I wanted someone that I could talk to and someone that could devote […]

  • Rachel Dillon

    Testimonial provided by husband Patrick I just wanted to send you a very, very big thank you for EVERYTHING that you have done for and with Rachel over the last several months. I know that I wouldn’t be able to get all of this out next weekend at the show but I wanted to make […]

  • Mike Pope | MMA Athlete

    “My experience with Shelby has been amazing, I’ve seen dramatic results not only in the cage and on the mat, but in my everyday life. I fought six MMA cage fights, and countless different jujitsu tournaments before being on Shelby’s plan, all of which involved cutting at least ten pounds each time, and honestly I […]

  • Colton Smith | MMA Athlete, Veteran

    I’ve been a client of Shelby’s for much of my professional MMA career. With her dedication and proven knowledge of nutrition and fitness it helps develop a tailor made plan for every individual. I’ve competed in wrestling for almost 20 years and used many different weight loss techniques, with Shelby’s overall assistance and guidance the […]

  • Stephanie McLamb OCB Figure Competitor | Fitness Enthusiast

    My experience with you has been so unforgettable and helpful. I use to have no self-esteem or confidence in myself and now I know I can do anything I want to in life as long as I put my mind to it. With your help I lost weight and a lot of body fat and […]

  • Tamara Christman |Competitor

    I had always wanted to compete in a figure competition, but the responsibilities of being a full-time parent and employed educational manager always took priority.  Shelby proved to be an experienced professional in the sport of figure for me, as well as other physique competition preps.  Her ability to see where I needed to tighten […]

  • Scottie Lynn | NPC National Figure Competitor | Competitive Runner

    I am a competitive runner and have always wanted to embark on a figure competition, I just did not know where to start! My high school acquaintance and now dear friend Tammy Christman (Also a TNT Nutrition client) happened   to  see a Facebook post where I stated I was going to try to do […]

  • TNT Nutrition Student Wins the Battle Against Type I Diabetes!

    After being hospitalized and becoming a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic at the age of 22, my whole routine and life in general was flipped upside down.  I had always been involved in competitive athletics and had plans to compete in multiple events in the near future.  However, when I lost a significant amount of weight […]

  • Anonymous

    Growing up, I was a healthy happy person.  I never focused on my weight.  I was a size 6 and was active in sports (basketball and rowing) and things were good.  Life took a dramatic turn for me 15 years ago.  While leaving work one night, I was attacked by a stranger, raped and  left for dead in […]

  • Christine W | Virginia

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR WORK WITH CHRISTINE!!!!  As you have probably deduced, she is thrilled with the results!  Before she came to you she really was at an impasse and I think she saw her desire to lose weight almost as an impossibility.  You changed that and gave her the hope, encouragement […]

  • Debra S | 54 Years Young

    I joined the TNT nutrition program in May 2012. At my weigh-in last night, I have lost 9.5% body fat and 20 pounds! I have gone down two pant sizes and feel great! My energy and endurance during my cardio workouts and weight training have greatly increased; I can now jog 3 miles at a time […]

  • Megen G

    The TNT Nutrient Program serves as a building block to educate on the importance of eating healthy to maintain a healthy body, healthy mind, healthy cells and organs.  The program outlines portion control, eliminating bad food habits, understanding carbohydrates, essential fats, and proteins foods and how they fuel the body.  The program gives a full […]

  • Keedah S

    Change was not easy.  Sticking with a work out plan and committing to changing what I put in my mouth was even harder!  I decided that NOTHING was going to change until I decided to get up and do something about it! ….Then came Sunny and Shelby w/ TNT Fitness and Nutrition!  They have changed my life.  […]

  • Catherine S

    Shelby, thanks SO MUCH….honestly, from the bottom of my heart this is what I NEEDED and the fact that you have been willing to work with me has meant the world!  Thank you just doesn’t seem enough to convey my gratitude, but I want you to know what this has meant to me!  I have […]

  • Crystal | Northern VA

    My entire life I have always struggled with my weight and was always a plus sized girl.  At the height of my weight I was a size 18 and weighed just over 200 pounds.  I was never an active person, I was always lazy.  I watched a lot of TV and sat at the computer surfing […]

  • Katie M. | Northern VA

    Prior to joining TNT Nutrition, I was a Weight Watcher.  I was a little hesitant to leave Weight Watchers because I had a lot of success on the plan.  On Weight Watchers, I could eat whatever.  As long as I followed my 29 (and now only 26) points, I was promised weight loss.  Eventually though, […]

  • Janice | Virginia

    I enrolled in Nutrition Plan with Shelby with a goal of a 10 lb weight loss. I have exceeded that goal, but more importantly I am now equipped with nutrition tools that    will last a lifetime! You won’t believe this but I have lost 11.5 lbs so far and I have never gone hungry and […]

  • Tara H | Virginia

    I think no matter how much weight you have to lose it always feels like a daunting task.  I had been trying to lose 5 to 10 lbs for years but had very little success in keeping it off.  The TNT Nutrition program was perfect for me.  I wanted a plan that was easy and […]

  • Sandy Z | Northern VA

    These words are from a song:  I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it!!!!  That is the way I feel since I joined the TNT Nutrition program.  I am so excited I did because I have lost over 25 pounds, but I look like I lost more weight because my body fat has dropped immensely […]

  • Stacy C | Tysons Corner, VA

    When I started TNT Nutrition, I was really nervous because I had no idea what it would involve and what I would have to eat.  Then I started to study the customized nutrition plans that Shelby made especially for me and my work and work-out schedule.  Shelby promised that even though the plan assigned me […]

  • Charlotte

    At my highest weight, I was 108 pounds more than I weighed when I got out of the military. I could not believe I had let my body go! With the help and support of an old friend I joined a CrossFit gym and also began following the Zone Diet way of eating. The diet […]

  • Chuck & Merry | -70lbs

    My personal trainer Chris encourages his students to be successful and talks about the TNT trinity:  classes, cardio and nutrition.  He recognized my struggle last fall and began to talk to me about Shelby and the TNT Nutrition program.  Since, my husband Chuck does much of the cooking at home, and he is a very […]

  • Julia

    Here at TNT Nutrition, we work with all types of goals, weight loss being numero uno. Losing weight for the long-term is not easy, hence why we try all the quick fixes we can before we come to the realization that it’s really a matter of making lifestyle changes. It’s a very personal journey as […]

  • Chris | -25lbs, -3.5% bf, -5.75″ waist

    My personal trainer was urging me to get assistance with my nutrition, but I was hesitant. This past summer I started getting blurred vision in my left eye.  It got progressively worse over the course of a few days.  I went to the ophthalmologist and it was determined I had retinal vein occlusion.  Retinal vein […]


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