Laurie Thenedy

Online Weight Loss Coach

BSFCS Nutrition Sciences, Baylor University
Registered Dietitian

Laurie has over 5 years of experience working with diverse backgrounds and a wide range of ages to help them meet their nutrition goals.

Laurie’s first realization that food influences the way your body feels was in middle school when she realized her performance during soccer games changed depending on what she ate and when she ate it. At the time, she had no clue that food (and water!) was actually a tool that could be used to improve her game. Fast forward a few years later when she had a terrible complexion and was told by her doctor that food “had nothing to do with it”. After leaving for college and making her own lifestyle changes and eating a less processed diet, her skin cleared significantly, she felt she had more energy, and slept better than before. At that moment she knew she wanted to learn more in-depth about nutrition to help others live their very best life!

Laurie’s favorite part of working with others is helping them find foods that can be both healthy and enjoyable, because food should definitely not taste boring!

In her free time, Laurie can be found napping in her hammock, spending time at the beach down the road with her husband, and playing board games!


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