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We are your personal go-to nutritionist, counselor, consultant, mentor and motivator all in one that bridge the gap between knowing what goals you WANT to accomplish and HOW exactly to go about pursuing and accomplishing it. We simply and conveniently deliver our nutrition coaching and online weight loss programs by utilizing technological advantages of today’s fast-paced world, and in the end, successfully helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals.

Mindful Eating Workshops

TNT Nutrition offers multiple online weight loss programs to help individuals find a program that is a perfect fit for their overall needs. Our Break Free! Mindful Eating Workshops are lead by our very own Am I Hungry? Licensed Mindful Eating Facilitators and are designed to improve one’s relationship with food. These non-diet based workshops are based on the innovative Mindful Eating Cycle, a sustainable process that helps you learn how to eat mindfully and change the way you think about food, physical activity, and self-care. No more rigid rules, strict exercise regimens, or “forbidden foods”. Learn to eat what you love without fear, without guilt, and without bingeing so you can live the healthy vibrant life you crave. How? By getting you back in touch with the one expert you haven’t listened to yet…YOU! Many clients see our Break Free! Mindful Eating Workshops as an online weight loss program because it can be, however, one does not have to have a weight loss goal to participate. This is a weight neutral program and the goal is to understand the why’s behind your eating thoughts and behaviors, which can be very life changing for many.
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Individual Consulting

Professional coaching, personalized meal planning, accountability, and convenient online tools brings high level of personalization and customization to our online weight loss programs. We provide over 40 types of personalized, Registered Dietitian approved meal plans such as Gluten Free, On-the-Go, Healthy Aging, Muscle Building, and Performance Training, to quickly help you learn the foods that best support you, your goals and your lifestyle. Our professional and experienced online nutrition coaches help you apply the information you receive into today’s fast paced world while supplying you with the support, direction, and accountability you need to reach your goals.


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Day or a Week at a Glance

7 day customized meal plans specific to your calorie range, nutritional needs and lifestyle. Plans are available for rotation for daily and/or weekly meal planning.

Printable Meal Plans and Grocery Lists

Generate and print or email your menus and coordinated grocery lists with a click of your mouse.

Delicious Recipes

Printable, ready to use recipes that can be logged directly into your calorie tracker. Like to cook? Add your own custom recipes!

Progress Tracker

Conveniently update your progress online or through your mobile friendly app.

Logging Made Simple

Compare what you planned to eat with what you actually ate. Save your favorite meals and snacks or simply copy & paste your daily meal plans into your log for quick data input.

Exercise Tracker

Calories in versus calories out = weight loss. Ensure you are not eating too many or too few calories in
accordance to your activity level.

Flexible Meal Planning

Don’t get stuck eating the same foods all the time (unless you choose to!) Change up your meal plans at any time to keep your meals interesting and working for you.

Weekly Inspirational Tips

Stay inspired with our weekly tips sent directly to your mobile phone app.


Over 13,000 food and beverage selections & ability to add your own favorites!

Mobile App

Take TNT Nutrition with you wherever you go! Log your foods, weigh in, reference your meal plans all from the convenience of our TNT Diet app!

Our 100% personalized meal plans are powered by an award-winning platform that offers innovative, reliable weight loss and weight management solutions and was awarded the #1 nutrition software for the past 6 consecutive years.

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The TNT Difference: We are your nutritionist, counselor, mentor, motivator, and top provider of realistic, personalized weight loss coaching solutions.