Diet Freedom™ Coaching Program

12 Week Coaching Program - Enrollment By Application Only, Please Schedule Free Strategy Session

Stop Emotional Eating & Binge Eating. Create Healthy Eating Habits that Feel Effortless…

  • Do you eat emotionally when life gets crazy, or…
  • Go on embarrassing food raids and say “I’ll get back on track” tomorrow
  • Obsess or get anxious about what to eat, when to eat, what not to eat, or eating in public
  • Feel healthy eating is a chore
  • Feel exhausted from years or perhaps a life long struggle with your weight and dieting
  • Eat in a frenzy, perhaps in private
  • Let the number on the scale ruin your day
  • Feel you know what you should be eating but yet you still don’t do it
  • Dislike your body, or feel inadequate
  • Think about food what feels like all the time
  • Diet, lose weight, and gain the weight back, maybe more than you started with
  • Not trust yourself to make your own food choices
  • Worry the impact your habits are having on your health or family
  • Sense there is a missing piece to giving you freedom from your struggles with food?

If you can relate to multiple points above, you need a specific coaching program, a clear and defined blueprint, and a human being to teach, coach, and mentor your eating back to feeling fun and normal again. Our Diet Freedom™ program will help explore your food beliefs, behaviors, values, and internal self-talk (to name a few) that will help you put together all the loose pieces with your eating habits and behaviors. This is where real nutrition talk happens, and where real change occurs.

We Will Help You…

  • ELIMINATE emotional eating, overeating, bingeing, restrictive eating, or food obsessions
  • Lose weight without restriction or deprivation and feel EMPOWERED through the process
  • Learn how to be FLEXIBLE with your eating
  • Find BALANCE in your life, and with your eating
  • Address underlying needs that are bullying your eating patterns
  • Develop SKILLS to work through physical, environment, and emotional triggers that urge you to eat
  • Have healthy eating feel easy, NORMAL, and JOYFUL again
  • Train your brain how to LEAD and help you feel empowered daily
  • PRIORITIZE your life and health again
  • Fuel your body nutritionally, optimize your health with a daily eating rhythm that works for YOU
  • Invest your energy back into LIFE, away from food, and into things that truly matter
  • Develop structure to your eating while using a flexible non-diet approach
  • Rebuild CONFIDENCE
  • Improve family nutrition by taking care of YOU
  • Eliminate measuring foods or tracking Food 24/7
  • Learn to LOVE and respect your body

Format of Online Weight Loss Program:

  • Weekly Group Mastermind Coaching Calls: Tuesdays 5-8pm EST
  • On-demand personal email support
  • Weekly step-by-step Blueprint containing educational training videos, action plans, resources

You are Not Alone…


It is happening everywhere. You’re not crazy, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. When you struggle for years with food and weight, it doesn’t just affect your waistline, it influences your daily life or interferes with everyday activities. Unfortunately, it will not just fix itself with a meal plan, cutting carbs, or other dieting means. Your struggles are VERY resolvable, and it doesn’t have to take a lifetime to correct, nor does it have to be painful.

Time to Take Charge…

This is the real deal, it’s not a 30 day challenge, this is not a diet. Not only do diets not work – you’re either “on” them or “off” them – they’re the root of many of your problems. 90 to 95 percent of diets fail, yet you blame yourself, not the diet. In reality, it’s the process of dieting that is the problem. Learn to eat food like it’s just food and make peace with food and exercise. Let our coaching program have a profound impact on your mindset, your body, your relationship with food, your metabolic potential and most importantly – your life. When we heal our connection to our bodies and reestablish trust in ourselves, we realize our problems really have very little to do with food.


The TNT Difference: We are your nutritionist, counselor, mentor, motivator, and top provider of realistic, personalized weight loss coaching solutions.