Shelby McDaniel

Owner, Director

Mind Body Practitioner

Institute for the Psychology of Eating

BS Nutrition Science

Am I Hungry? Licensed Mindful Eating Facilitator

ENW Certified Exercise Nutrition Specialist

Certified Weight Management Consulting Agent

Retired IFBB Figure Pro

A wellness authority and supportive mentor, for over 12 years Shelby has helped thousands of clients in the realm of weight, from losing weight, binge eating, chronic dieting and healing one’s relationship with food to working with professional athletes in the world of sports nutrition. Shelby empowers individuals to make lasting changes in their eating behaviors and lifestyle without any band-aid tactics.

Shelby McDaniel’s passion for nutrition starts with her athletic, competitive background. As a kid, she participated in everything from baseball with the boys to tap dance recitals to college volleyball. She became a professional IFBB Figure competitor at a young age of 23. Eventually that passion for competitive sports transitioned into passion for building, launching, and growing her nutrition business, which has transpired into TNT Nutrition today. Here she has a heavy track record of working with high achieving business professionals, entrepreneurs, and politicians lose weight, create a healthier lifestyle, and find balance between their health and overwhelming work schedules. She also has worked with numerous athletes from pro bodybuilding competitors, Ironman athletes, and MMA athletes, providing them nutrition coaching for their sport specific needs.

As passionate as she is about nutrition, her true passion is helping people. “I’ve realized that my mission is to make other people’s lives better. I feel I have been given the gift and the ability to really connect with people. I’m always asking myself, ‘How can I help this person?’ ‘What can I do to ease this process?’ ‘What does he/she truly need?’ I just so happen to also know a lot about nutrition too! When I combine my passion and coaching skills with the subject of nutrition, the end result is always pretty awesome.”

Shelby obtained a BS Nutrition Science and studied at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. She is also a licensed  Am-I-Hungry? Licensed Mindful Eating Facilitator. Additional education includes Certified Exercise Nutrition Specialist, Certified Weight Management Consulting Agent. Her most important and extensive training, however, is from both her personal life and professional experiences. The emotional ups and downs of building her own business, the opportunity to work with thousands, embracing being a business entrepreneur, the loss and re-discovery of herself, reclaiming personal happiness, finding ownership of her life, therapy, divorce, and health challenges including restrictive eating and her fight to make healthy eating have true inner purpose in her life are lessons that she transmits in her coaching to transform people’s lives.

Shelby in 60ish Seconds:

Shelby McDaniel


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