Long-Term Weight Loss Starter Kit

Start Your Weight Loss Right

Dieting sucks. Time to take a sustainable approach.

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Not sure how to lose weight and truly keep it off?

Losing weight doesn’t mean you have to feel hungry, overwhelmed, or restricted all the time! Success lies in your approach, mindset, and few good ol’ coaching strategies! I’m confident you will feel at ease with the simplicity of my coaching tactics and recommendations!

This eBook will Provide You...


  • Gain the mindset necessary for weight loss success!
  • Have a realistic outlook at what to expect when expecting weight loss
  • Tame down your all-out-or nothing approach mentality
  • Develop and incorporate vital, weekly goal setting
  • How to begin to incorporate mindful eating strategies


  • Understand more about carbs, proteins, and fats to help you with your everyday decision making
  • Understand the effects of sugar and alcohol on the body
  • Learn which snacks leave you satisfied and less “hangry”


  • 10 Yes! 10 sample meal plans of various calorie ranges to help give you delicious meal and snack ideas!
  • Popular recipes that are used throughout sample plans!
  • An easy weekly planner for meals and snacks!
  • Educational, detailed shopping list


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Learn more about what motivated me to write this book, just for you.


 You’re Worth It 🙂

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